Security should be simple
Let us help keep it that way

Security should be built around your business operations, we can design and implement security to fit.
We are focused on finding solutions to security risks that work for you.

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Security Assessments
Penetration Testing

How often is your security posture tested?
Probably more than you think, or are aware of. Attackers routinely look for weaknesses, find them before they do.
We can test your systems, your networks, your physical barriers and your people providing a detailed report of our findings to identify risks and guidance to resolve them.

Technical Security
Security Services and Software

We can review your current infrastructure and provide recommendations for security and design improvements, or we can help you implement them
We offer a number of tools and software to provide security in depth
either directly or through trusted partners.
This includes Anti-Malware, Security Awareness and Security Monitoring

Security Consultancy
Framework Implementation

Compliance does not ensure security, we believe implementing good security practices will drive compliance. So we focus on getting the fundementals of security right to ensure compliance can be achieved against ISO27001, PCI-DSS, GDPR and any other requirements, we have designed our implementation to meet compliance accross multiple governance and compliance frameworks.

Passionate About Security

We are commited to delivering simple, affordable solutions
and work with a number of partners who align with our vision

  • Penetration Testing

    Using standard tools and methodologies, we can test your internal and external infrastructure for weaknesses against common threats and vulnerabilities. We can design a test to fit most budgets.

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  • Targeted Attack

    Ever wondered what it is like to be targeted. We will run an assessment over 4 months, collecting and analysing information to create attack vectors, we will utilise phishing attacks, physical intrusions (non-destructive) and various other techniques to gain access to your systems and data.

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  • Consultancy

    Need a security project completing; ISO27001 Implementation, PCI-DSS or even Active Directory redesign. We can provide an experienced consultant for the duration of the project.
    Or maybe you just need a couple of days advice on security topics, we would love to help

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  • Security Management

    We can provide on-going security management and oversight to keep you on track with your security goals. Ideal if you don't need or can't justify the cost of a full time experienced security officer

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  • Cloud Architecture

    Looking to move to cloud services, we work with partners to analyse your current environment and migrate you to cloud services ensuring security at all times.

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  • Security Architecture

    We can review and assess your current infrastruture, including Network design, Active Directory struture and cloud implementation against good pratices and provide a detailed report for improvements.
    Need a little help implementing we can do that to.

A little about us

Vorago Security is founded on the principles of exceptional service at a great price, with over 15 years experience in technical and security services. We would love to speak to you about your security needs

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